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  • Carry a credit card instead of lots of cash whenever possible.
  • Listen and follow indications about which areas to avoid driving or passing through. You can enquire about this in the information desk at the airport, police and at your hotel's reception.
  • Do not engage in any business transaction with strangers on the street.
  • At airports and terminals in general, take the amount of money you'll need, in coins or banknotes
  • Learn and write phones that may be required in an emergency (police, consulate, bank, credit card contact, ambulances, hospitals, public telephones for emergency relief).
  • Contact your hotel or embassy, they will provide information on emergency medical services and a list of local doctors, some of whom may speak in a language you know.
  • If traveling in a group, tell people and ask them to contact the local representative to request assistance.
  • Keep all invoices or receipts for medical treatment in order to present them to your health insurance.
  • Do not leave the terminal without being familiar with how to operate your vehicle: gasoline, lights, screen wipers, air conditioning, etc.. Place in the glove compartment the car´s documents.
  • Before you leave, make sure you know well the route of your destination. If you get lost and need to ask for directions, do it to a police officer (Carabineros de Chile) or stop only in well-lit and crowded place.
  • Keep doors locked and windows up when the vehicle is parked. Always use safety belts. They are required by law and can save your life in case of an accident. If traveling with a small child, it is also mandatory to use a child seat, properly placed in the rear seats.
  • Always park in well lit areas. Check inside your vehicle and surrounding areas before boarding.
  • Keep locked the door of your room, whether or not in it, and only give the key to the desk clerk.
  • If you are staying in a hotel, use the hotel safe. Do not leave valuables in your room.
  • Record and store the numbers of your video equipment, camera, radio, etc.
  • In case of loss or theft immediately notify hotel security and the police department.
  • Taxis: They are not very expensive and are available in all major cities of the country.
  • Aircraft: Domestic airlines cover domestic routes with regular flights to major cities.
  • Vehicle Rental: There are national and international companies, which can be found in major cities and airports.
  • In Chile, people drive on the right. The speed limit is 120 km. / Hr. on highways and in urban area 60 km. / Hr. Always follow and respect traffic signs.
  • Banks and trade remain closed during January 1, Easter, May 1, 21 May, Corpus Christi, San Pedro, August 15, 18 and 19 September, 12 October, 1 November, 8 and December 25.
  • Trading hours for all banks are Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 hrs.