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Captain Christian  is in command of the fleet of sailboats in which you can sail in the season, experience and knowledge of the captains who have sailed the area for more than 15 years. Their good character and responsible attitude allow the crew and passengers to enjoy a safe navigation along the islands and channels.

Our onboard chef takes professional care of the menu of each yatch. She prepares the most delicious dishes based on natural products of the region, quality meat, seafood and fish. A previous conversation with the passengers before the trip regarding food preferences or special requests is another example of the level of attention you will enjoy onboard.

Passengers are welcome to cooperate and participate in the various activities carried out onboard. Why not to try to become the Barman? Or perhaps the Co-Navigator?

Our staff in charge of the Lodge and outdoors activities will do their best to make your stay the most relaxing and comfortable with high standars of food and service. They are also ready to organize the excursions and day trips programmed for visiting the neighboring towns, the spectacular lakes and volcanoes area or a country day in our Farm.

Just a short drive from Punta Piedras Lodge - after five minutes crossing the Tenglo Channel - opens up a whole new world of places to visit