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Around Lake Llanquihue 190 km.
Around Lake Llanquihue, Ensenada, Lake Todos Los Santos
A day in the farm
Estuary of Reloncavi
This excursion of 250 kilometers will show us the the natural beauty of Lake Llanquihue´s coastal road, admiring the slopes of Osorno Volcano, the Petrohue Falls and the south west side of Lake Todos Los Santos. For this excursion we can choose two alternative routes :
We depart from Punta Piedras Lodge & Marina towards Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas, a quiet and clean town located on the shores of Lake Llanquihue. We drive along the lake shore to Ensenada, the entrance to V. Perez Rosales National Park. A visit to this outstanding place full of wild geography , takes us first to Laguna Verde in the middle of the forest. We continue to the main way where we find traces of volcanic lava deposited on this terrain during the last eruption of the Osorno Volcano in 1835. If the weather conditions are appropiate we can go up to La Burbuja Ski field and admire the spectacular and panoramic view of the Lake, Petrohue River, the Volcanoes, the Andes and the Reloncavi Bay. We can also have a look to the Serac (glacier formations) if the conditions and the Park authorities permit us.

We continue our trip up North until Viguerias a place where we can see the basaltic rock columns resulted from the difference of temperatures due to the volcanic activities. Along the road we observe some typical farm houses and both Catholic and Luteran churches (Río Blanco) built by the German settlers who arrive to this zone more than a century ago.

We arrive to Puerto Clocker located just on the lake shore. From there we can go up to the La Picada Ski Resort situated on the other side of the Osorno Volcano. Following our trip to Puerto Octay, we will see old wooden piers used during the time when the commerce and transport of this region was mainly boats and vessels navigating the Lake. We visit an old chapel in Playa Maiten built by the German settlers in 1867.

Arriving in Puerto Octay and beautiful Centinela Bay we enjoy the fantastic view and colours of the 3 volcanoes, the Lake and some small islands and rock formations. We continue to Frutillar along the road passing by farms and picturesque small villages. Once in Frutillar, a charming and peaceful town, famous for hosting the International Classical Music Festival on each February we can walk along the beach or have a cup of tea with sweet treats of cakes and kuchen made from old traditional German recepies. We continue back to Tenglo Island through the town of Llanquihue, Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt.